Why The Cowboys Can Still Win The NFC East, Even Without Dez And Romo

You’ve heard the old saying, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.”

Well, I think this saying was actually created specifically for the 2015-2016 Dallas Cowboys.

Unfortunate injuries have plagued the big names on the squad after only two games. Dez Bryant left in the first week itself, due to a football fracture.

Tony Romo left in the second week with a broken left clavicle (the same one he broke back in 2010). And, now, we're hearing reports of Jason Witten suffering from ankle and knee injuries.

Despite the two games being gigantic wins with scores of 2-0, both were filled with penalty flags and sloppy play all around. And with the absence of two major playmakers, it is only natural to assume it is all downhill from here.

But is it?

Despite missing their four-time, Pro Bowl quarterback and the dynamic wide receiver who owns the Cowboys’ record for most receiving touchdowns in a season, the Cowboys still have some dynamic tools that can propel them to another excellent season.

How do you get over losing a quarterback like Romo? Or a wide receiver like Bryant? Interestingly enough, the Cowboys have already prepared for this exact situation throughout the preseason.

As Bryant was in contract negotiations for much of training camp, the Cowboys were testing out other wide receivers to figure out what their options were. This is when they pushed Terrance Williams from a mediocre receiver to a reliable option. He can be used during Bryant’s recovery.

Even Lance Dunbar has gotten in on the action. And without Bryant on the field, he will be targeted more and more, which will prove just how dynamic of a player he can be.

With the addition of Matt Cassel to the quarterback slot, the Cowboys can add depth and experience to the position, thanks to their reliable backups.

These veterans WILL be successful because the offensive line will keep the pressure off Cassel and Weeden. This will allow them to do what they do best: throw.

Just ask owner Jerry Jones! His interview with Dallas radio station, KRLD-FM, shows him raving about Weeden's passing ability.

Most important, however, is the defense. The Cowboys are still destined to make a strong run because of their improvements on the defensive end of the ball. Last year, their defense was dismal. This year, it is partially why they boast an undefeated record.

Their showing against the Giants wasn’t all that impressive, but last week’s stand against Philadelphia showed us just how much their defense has improved.

It is said that one person does not make a team, but in the case of the Cowboys, that is entirely false. The Cowboys’ defense has improved because of the return of Sean Lee.

Lee has already made himself recognizable out on the field, and proved he is a threat to the opponent’s offenses. He practically single-handedly stifled the strong Eagles’ running game this past Sunday.

Lee already has 23 tackles in the first two games and has shown the Cowboys just how much they were missing him last year. Well, he’s back! And he is making a huge difference on the defensive side.

The Cowboys have the defense. They have the fight and the fire. They just don’t have their quarterback and wide receiver.

Does this mean they are done and out? No way. The Cowboys are just getting started.

"It ain’t over ‘til it’s over." That’s the motto and the mantra for this year’s Cowboys.