Conor McGregor Looks Like He's Casually Smoking Weed In His Recent Instagram

by Adam Silvers
Instagram/USA TODAY Sports

What are you smoking, dude?

That's what UFC champ Conor McGregor's Instagram followers must be thinking after the featherweight champion posted a bizarre photo of himself holding what appears to be some sort of cigarette.


The immediate assumption, because obviously, is Conor McGregor was smoking weed, getting high while partying it up in NYC.

In the above photo, you obviously see the giant bottle of Grey Goose vodka -- how much do you think that cost? -- but if you look closely, you can definitely see McGregor holding a small joint-like cigarette in his right hand.

Then, if you take a closer look at the Irishman's eyes, it's not hard to draw the conclusion he's a bit messed up.

Now, it's impossible for us to know if he's feeling the effects of just the alcohol, just the supposed weed or maybe a combination of both.

I mean, if you up in the club, though, with Grey Goose and marijuana, chances are you're partaking in both -- especially if you're Conor McGregor.


The Irishman has never been one to walk away from a fight or keep his mouth shut, but I wonder how he'll respond to these latest allegations.

Earlier in the day, the 28-year-old was at Madison Square Garden for a press conference for UFC 205, which is slated to take place at MSG on Saturday, November 12.

McGregor is set to do battle with Eddie Alvarez, and many are calling the event the best fight card in the UFC's history.

Conor was certainly looking loose and in the zone at the press conference, but not as loose and in the zone as he looks in the club.


For those wondering, if McGregor was smoking weed, there's apparently nothing the UFC can do about it.

According to reports, USADA does not prohibit fighters from using marijuana while they're out of competition.

Wonder how Nick Diaz feels about all of this?

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