The Colts Made The Dumbest Play In NFL History On Sunday Night Football (Video)


Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks ain't got nothing on the Indianapolis Colts when it comes to terrible plays.

During their Sunday Night Football game against the Patriots, the Colts impressed everyone.

Not for their remarkable skills on the field, but rather for making quite possibly the dumbest, and most hilarious, play in NFL history.

The Colts really just snapped this. — NFLonCBS (@NFLonCBS) October 19, 2015

Memo to any football team, if you really want to break the Internet, follow this playbook:

  1. Play surprisingly well for the majority of a game that people assume you will lose against the defending champions.
  2. Give your fans hope by keeping the game close.
  3. Turn what should be an ordinary punt into an inexplicably ridiculous play that has no chance of doing anything but giving the ball to Tom Brady at a laughably good field position.

Just like this!

What in the world? — LeadingNFL (@LeadingNFL) October 19, 2015

Another angle, for those watching at home:

If you're looking for more of an explanation, just know that there is none.

When the commentator asks, "what are you doing?" you know you have a problem. Oh, and Tom Brady definitely knows what he's doing.

Brady, of course, promptly threw a touchdown to give the Pats a 34-21 lead.

We're told this was his reaction on the sideline after the Colts' gaffe.

Gotta love football.