Bowl Edition: What A Guy's College Football Team Says About The Type Of Boyfriend He'll Be

by Adam Silvers

The holiday season is truly something to be grateful for. It's a time to spend with family, friends, food and, most importantly, football.

Yah, Christmas day is going to be jam-packed with NBA action but for most sports fans, this time of year is all about the almighty pigskin.

After a long and wild autumn, the NFL playoff picture is finally starting to take shape.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of the pros' postseason in January, it's the college game's time to shine.

The bowl season is here, people and in just nine days, Oklahoma will face Clemson in the first national semifinal, followed by a showdown between Michigan State and Alabama to decide the other spot in the championship game.

What a time to be alive.

But a conversation about college football teams wouldn't be complete without talking about the fan bases that support them. Listen up, ladies, because these are the 25 things you'll immediately know about a dude based solely on the college football team he roots for.

Western Kentucky

If this guy was a stock, now would be the time to buy. He scuffled to climb the ladder in life and at the moment, he's at a personal best, which is exactly what you're looking for in a potential long-term commitment.


This dude has never been, and will probably never be, known as "traditional" boyfriend material. And while he's recently been all about surprises, don't be fooled into blindly pledging your future to him.


It always feels like this guy is going to make the jump to being the best boyfriend ever, but just when he's got you feeling some type of way... he's bound to let you down the hardest.


This guy will immediately stick out from the other Joe Schmoes you meet at the bar, and for good reason. He may not always do the right thing in the end -- hell, who does? -- but when you take a look around at who else is playing the field, you'll realize you don't have it quite as bad as you think.


This dude is an all-American guy who knows how to treat a lady. Let's get it out of the way now, though, this is not Mr. 401k. And he never will be. He'll provide for you, keep you safe and maybe even go above and beyond at times, but he's not the one if you're looking for a lavish lifestyle.


This guy has shown glimpses of greatness, but you can't really take that to the bank. Could you do worse? Sure. But you could also do a lot better. He seems oddly consumed by what's going on in his own world, and that's not what you need in life.


This dude constantly needs to be reminded the world doesn't revolve around him. He'll regale you with Southern charm and epic stories of years past, but you can't live yesterday's storylines tomorrow. You'll have some laughs, but it could end in tears.


Remember the guy you went to high school with and barely knew existed, but then he grew up and everyone was like, "damn"? Yah, that's this guy. He has that where-did-you-come-from thing down pat, and you should grab his hand and see where he's heading next.


This dude has always had an alpha-male ego, and with plenty of good reason. In recent years, he's fallen off a bit, but there are signs he could be destined for a major comeback. You might want to consider being his ride-or-die now, while he's still in the shadows of his former self.


This dude is a victim of his own environment. It's hard for him to stand out when he's surrounded by friends who breathe success, but that's not your fault. The last thing you want is to be with a dude who's always going to have some semblance of inferiority.


This guy is flashy, fast and always dressed to impress. It'll never be boring with him -- that's a guarantee -- but with risk doesn't always come reward. This guy can be his own greatest enemy at times, so be weary. The last thing you want is for things to blow up in your face when you least expect it.


Do not allow yourself to go weak at the knees when you catch a glance of this dude's million-dollar smile. I know how appealing it might look on the surface, but it won't take long to realize you just wasted your precious time.

Oklahoma State

This dude can hold his weight in life, for sure, but he's never going to be the one. He'll impress you on more than a few occasions, but he'll always find a way to come up just short when it matters most.


This dude is punching above his weight, and it's only a matter of time before he, you and everyone else know it. He's got a lot to offer in other avenues of life, but being the best boyfriend possible is nowhere near his top priority.


This dude, despite his tough surroundings, is seemingly always on the cusp of greatness. He may not be the first name you associate with an ideal boyfriend, but he's going to be there for you when others are nowhere to be found.

North Carolina

This guy is just starting to come into his own in life, and that's a major plus. He's got enough experience to know how to treat a girl like she's the only one in the world, but he's not the finished product. You're going to have to be willing to suffer through some growing pains if you want to try and make a relationship work.

Florida State

This dude comes with a ton of history and baggage, so consider yourself warned. There's always a chance you could be his one true love, but you'll have to be willing to risk ending up like all the ones who came before you.

Notre Dame

Despite what everyone keeps telling you, this guy is nothing special. He's had his moments in life, sure, but more often than not, the big expectations he sets you up for will be met with even bigger disappointments.

Ohio State

This guy is a catch, plain and simple. He'll win you over with his own unique brand while still being successful by every traditional measure of success. He's a winner in life and in love, but it's his loyalty that really separates him from the pack.


Let's just put it this way: You could definitely do a lot worse than this dude. He's probably never going to be the most successful in life, but he'll still keep you entertained on a weekly basis. Some women want stable, others want exceptional.


This dude has all the makings of an ideal long-term relationship candidate but after a few dates, you'll see going down that road would be a huge mistake. Is he a good guy? Absolutely. But wasted potential can be one of the biggest turnoffs.


This guy is clean-cut, traditional and fiercely competitive. He's had his fair share of romances, though, so it'll be hard for him not to compare you to the best he's had before. If you're up for a challenge, it may be worth seeing where this can lead.

Michigan State

This dude was kind of a zero for a long time, but recently he's been crushing life. He's yet to really find that one woman to lock down, but he's got everything to give when he does. There are few, if any, skeletons in his closet, so you should definitely try to get some clothes in there ASAP.


The perennial Mr. Perfect -- he's every woman's dream boyfriend. He's a champion through and through, and as long as he's yours, he'll treat you like you're the only woman alive. You'll have to fend off competition with a stick, but it's more than worth it.


Well, what do we have here? This dude's new in town, but he's making waves big enough to command attention from all potential suitors. Get to know him and make sure he gets to know you. This guy's poised for greatness. You deserve it, too.

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