Real Talk: Why College Basketball Is Way Better Than The NBA

by Miranda Kulp

Whether you're in the schoolyard, in a professional arena, at a university or at the Olympics, basketball is always a good time.

The beauty of a well-executed alley-oop, or the anxious feeling watching your team attempt a three-pointer as the buzzer rings, makes basketball one of the best sports to watch as a spectator.

Being in the crowd during a game is like no other experience; everyone is constantly cheering with the back-and-forth action, which basketball demands of its players. However, there is always one form of the game that will dominate: college basketball.

College basketball is in a league of its own. It has the ability to take a simple game and cause an entire university to erupt with school spirit and demand national attention.

With an incredible season so far and March Madness only a month away, we celebrate and present to you the top five reasons why college basketball will always trump the pro league.

Game Atmosphere

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Many universities have legendary student sections, like Pitt's Oakland Zoo. These loyal students wait in line for sometimes hours just to support the team and go nuts at the games.

After a big game victory, the student section will actually storm the court in celebration. The fans are the ultimate cheerleaders for these players, and can control the entire atmosphere of the game.

College basketball is more than a game, it's an experience. With student sections, live student bands and other university rituals, the entire arena is buzzing with excitement every game.

True Rivalries


College basketball has some of the oldest and best rivalries the game can offer. Some of the best games of the season are when two long-lasting rivals tip off against each other.

One in particular that everyone goes nuts for is the Duke Blue Devils against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

This game is legendary, and always provides a must-see show.

Every game is important.


With about 50 games less than the NBA, the weight of each game is always felt, and one result can change a season. Leading up to March Madness, every school is fighting for the top spots.

The tournament is a tense one and seeding is extremely important, so teams can't afford to take regular season games off.

With such intensity, the coaches and players always treat each game like their last, which causes an incredible experience as a spectator.

Selection Sunday and March Madness


Fans, and even teams themselves, across the country wait to hear which programs have earned an invitation to the Big Dance.

Many teams don't know in advance if they'll even be playing, let alone where and who their opponents will be. This always keeps the fans and players on their feet in suspense until the big announcement.

Once the announcement is public, the madness begins.

March Madness is one of the greatest times of the year, it's nonstop action and every game is do or die. Each year is guaranteed to bring cinderella stories and unforgettable moments.

The Coaches


Whether we're talking about Tom Izzo of Michigan State, Kentucky's John Calipari or any of the other fantastic coaches of the league, one thing stands true: These men changed the game for the better.

In college, the coaches care about their players and have an unbreakable love for their universities. Often the coaches break records of their own while leading the team to victory.

BONUS: Cutting Down the Net


The claiming of the ultimate prize in college basketball involves a ladder, scissors and a whole lot of happiness.

Watching a senior player cut down the net for one last time can make everyone feel like a proud parent. It's a symbol that always reminds the viewers just how much these games mean to these student athletes.