Basketball Star Gives Scholarship To Brother, Drives Uber To Pay Tuition

The Xavier University men's basketball team will face heavily-favored Arizona in the Sweet 16 on Thursday, but all anyone can talk about right now is fifth-year center Matt Stainbrook.


Stainbrook is Xavier's second-leading scorer. He's also an Uber driver.


Currently working toward obtaining his MBA, Stainbrook was initially a scholarship athlete. He decided to forgo that status so his little brother, an Xavier basketball walk-on, could use his scholarship instead.

While being filmed by ESPN, the 6'10" grad student told a few of his passengers,

I basically gave him my scholarship and I became a walk-on because undergrad tuition costs more than MBA.

We're talking $14,000 versus $43,000 a year.

In order to cover his own student loans and make some money, the elder Stainbrook turned to Uber to make some cash on the side.

If you think about it, Uber is the ideal part-time job for any college student with a set of wheels. The flexibility is unparalleled.


In case you needed another reason to root for underdog Xavier, Matt Stainbrook just gave you a great one.

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