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College Basketball Team's Decked-Out $12M Dorm Makes Yours Look Like A Closet

In case you needed yet another reason to be jealous of the basketball players on campus, here's one.

If schools really want to, they can commit the money to helping players live large like this.

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Oh, that little thing? That's just a fireplace and lounge on the sunroof at McCarthy Hall, the dorm specially made for the University of Kansas basketball team.

The $12 million facility opened up in 2015. And in lieu of the Jayhawks' basketball season being set to tip-off this month, the Kansas City Star was afforded a tour of the luxurious "dormitory."

There's no other way around it: McCarthy Hall is a super baller place that makes your dorm look like crap. You thought that one lounge you had with a 40-inch TV was cool? That's cute.

McCarthy Hall's entertainment room looks like this.

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Their "rooms" have plenty of space, too. The kitchen is legit,  the bedroom room is spacious and even the bathrooms are extra high, you know, since it's for basketball players and all.

Kansas City Star

Among other amenities, there's a game room, a lobby that's looks nicer than some hotels' and a private barbershop where the team can invite barbers to cut their hair before big games (gotta look good on national TV, after all).

But the best feature by far is indeed that sunroof.

Kansas City Star

In the video, Jayhawks forward Landen Lucas said a view of the school's baseball games can be seen from the roof, while the balcony also gives residents a good vantage point to see all the peasants (or, students, if you insist) walk to class.

According to the Star, McCarthy hall houses up to 16 basketball players and — get this — 17 other students that have nothing to do with the basketball team.

Could you imagine? Being the regular student at the basketball dorm can only be topped by having that luxury off-campus apartment that only the trust fund babies can afford.

Those kids are the real winners in all of this.

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