These Extravagant Dorm Rooms Will Make You Realize Yours Is A Piece Of Crap

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Last week, we introduced you to two talented freshmen from Ole Miss who managed to transform their shitty dorm room into an opulent, hotel-inspired living space.

If there's one thing we can learn from these super stylish ladies, it's that not all dorm decorations are created equal.

Yep, when it comes to dorm decor, most college students stick to inexpensive accessories like posters, throw pillows and lots of photo frames.

But did you know you can deck your dorm out in an HGTV-worthy decor without totally emptying your meager bank account?

That's right. It turns out there's all sorts of design tricks and DIY projects that will make your cozy living quarters look like a royal palace, while still staying within your college budget.

If you're in need of a little design inspo for your own room, don't worry. We have you covered.

We set out to find a bunch of insanely stylish dorm rooms that are so awesome, you might just forget you're living in an outdated residence hall.

Check out the pictures below to see these amazing dorm room designs.

If you're looking to add some style to your space, matching decorations are definitely a must.

You can personalize your dorm with some pretty pillows that pay tribute to your home state...

Or mark your territory by hanging a monogrammed sign above your bed.

You can add a pop of color to your palette with some aqua accents...

...spruce up your space with some satin bedding...

...hang some eye-catching artwork on your walls...

...or add some texture by incorporating furry fabrics into the design.

Seriously, who knew a futon could be so freaking stylish?

This dreamy dorm room is lit AF.

Just look at those gloriously gilded poufs.

Don't even get me started on these fabulous, fuzzy foot stools.

I'm pretty sure this dorm room is nicer than most five-star hotels.

This stunning space will make you green with envy.

All of these students deserve an A+ for their dazzling dorm room designs.