REUTERS/Matt Sullivan

This Women's Basketball Coach Reportedly Impregnated One Of His Players

On Thursday afternoon, Louisiana Tech women's basketball coach Tyler Summitt resigned for having an "inappropriate relationship" with a player. By Thursday night, it may have become a bit clearer as to just how inappropriate it was.

The Swish Appeal, a women's basketball blog owned by Vox Media's SB Nation, says it was informed by multiple sources that the player with whom 25-year-old Summitt had a relationship is pregnant.

Summitt, the son of legendary coach Pat Summitt (both pictured above), said in a personal statement today,

It is with great regret that I resign from my position as head coach of the women's basketball program at Louisiana Tech University.  I am profoundly disappointed in myself for engaging in a relationship that has negatively affected the people I love, respect and care about the most.

Summitt, who has been married since 2013, was the coach at LA Tech for two seasons.

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