It's Crazy How Much Has Changed Since Kobe Bryant Was A Rookie (Photos)


Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

Twenty seasons ago, a young Kobe Bryant entered the league to begin a phenomenal career. For much of that time, his aura was created by a relentless sense of competitiveness and an unbreakable confidence.

Back then, you couldn't tell Kobe nothin'. Now, all of the sudden, he's trying to tell us how much he sucks.

"I'm the 200th best player in the league right now. I freaking suck." -Kobe Bryant #lakers — Adnan Virk, ESPN (@adnanESPN) November 2, 2015

His demise so far this season is a sad one to see, and a bit confusing for everyone who's used to him being, well, Kobe.

Then you realize, he's been at this for a while. And like most people who have been at it for a while, even Kobe has to answer to Father Time.

The fact his greatness has spanned so many different eras in the league is a testament to his longevity, but it's a different NBA now.

Still, it's fascinating how many things have changed since Kobe first entered the league:

Back then, he used to wear number 8...

Facebook, he's KB24.


Back then, he was regarded as a "baby" version of Michael Jordan...

Facebook, he's surpassed MJ on the NBA's all-time scoring list.

The Score

Back then, he was single and had just taken recording artist Brandy to prom...

Kobe Bryant Took Brandy to His High School Prom. #Cheers — 247Highlights (@247Highlights_) August 20, 2015, he's been married for 14 years and has two kids

Getty Images/Facebook

Back then, Jerry West was the all-time scoring leader for the LA Lakers franchise...

Facebook, Kobe is.

Kobe Bryant passes Jerry West as Los Angeles Lakers all-time top scorer - — ESPN (@espn) February 2, 2010

Back then, Bill Clinton was running for re-election...

Instagram/Getty Images, Hilary Clinton is running for the same office.


Back then, Kobe rocked his signature afro...

Facebook, it looks like he's sticking with the bald look.

Back then, Los del Rio's "Macarena" was the no. 1 song in the country..., Adele's "Hello" tops the charts.

Back then, Kobe would spin to the basket like this..., he spins to the basket like this.

Back then, he was endorsed by Adidas..., he's a Nike athlete.

Facebook - Nike Basketball

Back then, he was the youngest player in the NBA when he got drafted...

Facebook - NBA

...and Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker wasn't even born at the time.

Facebook - Phoenix Suns

Back then, going hard to the cup and through your opponent was the name of the game..., a player who specializes in finding a way to avoid contact is the hottest player in the NBA.

Back then, Kobe and Derek Fisher were rookies together..., Fisher has moved on to being a head coach.


Back then, his best teammate was Shaq...

Facebook, it's a sophomore player, Jordan Clarkson.


Back then, the Seattle Supersonics still existed...

Tumblr, the Sonics are the OKC Thunder.


Back then, Byron Scott was Kobe's Laker teammate... Scott's the Lakers head coach.


Back then, Kevin Garnett still played for the Timberwolves..., Kevin Garnett still plays for the Timberwolves.

Back then, he made beer runs for Hollywood stars..., he has his own Hollywood Star.

Getty Images

Back then, players used to wear baggy clothes to the game...

YouTube, it's all about the fitted suits.


Back then, the Lakers had 11 championships to their name...

Facebook, they have five more.


What a ride it's been.