Champions League Teams Ranked Based On Their Jerseys

by Adam Silvers
Getty Images

You don't have to be the biggest soccer fan in the world to appreciate a tournament like the UEFA Champions League.

Basically, the tournament pits the 32 best teams in Europe against one another, with the number of teams participating cut in half after each round. It all leads up to the championship match, which will be played in Milan this year.

Point blank, this is the greatest club competition in the world. You've got the greatest players, the greatest fans, the greatest traditions and, for the most part, the greatest jerseys.

Kits, as they're known in most places outside the United States, have always played an integral role in the culture and identity of each team across Europe -- and the world. Colors and designs are often symbolic of a club's history and geographic location, which is why supporters are proud to be decked out in their club's gear.

At the moment, we're currently in the Round of 16 of the Champions League, and while the quarterfinalists are yet to be decided, here's a ranking of all 16 teams based on nothing but how dope their jerseys are.

16. KAA Gent, Belgium

Belgian side Gent is probably the smallest and weakest team left in the Champions League and, unfortunately, that position also sees them seriously lacking in the style department. This jersey looks uncomfortable, too.

15. FC Dynamo Kyiv, Ukraine

Dynamo Kyiv's 2015-16 jersey is nothing to write home about. I'm not against predominantly white kits, but the fat collar and loose sleeves definitely leave something to be desired here.

14. Arsenal FC, England

This is the second consecutive season Puma is sponsoring London-based Arsenal, and the brand has yet to figure out cycling jerseys don't belong in soccer. This kit is skin-tight and has an odd open collar, which is why it comes across pretty flat.

13. SL Benfica, Portugal

Benfica's kit is cool this season, but there's just so much red going on. If it was a little less pronounced, it would definitely be a better fit.

12. PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands

The 2015-16 PSV jersey has a classic look with some modern flare. The vertical stripes are a nice touch, as is the gold-trimmed collar.

11. FC Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is rocking traditional Catalan colors this season but compared to previous years, this jersey comes up well short of expectations. It's just OK, and that's not a word that should be used to describe anything related to Barcelona FC.

10. VfL Wolfsburg, Germany

At first glance, I thought this jersey was a bit odd, but upon further review, I like Kappa's variation on a standard v-neck design. Wolfsburg's kit looks comfortable and despite having such a vibrant green color, it's not in your face.

9. AS Roma, Italy

Italian side AS Roma is looking good in this smart, simple kit. I'm digging the very slight v-neck cut, as well as the color accents on the collar, sleeves and sides.

8. Chelsea FC, England

True to their namesake, the Blues are looking just that in these shirts from Adidas. They're simple, yes, but the two-button opening at the neck adds a nice touch without taking it too far.

7. Atlético Madrid, Spain

Atléti and Nike have produced some really awesome jerseys in recent years and while this year's design takes a bit more of a casual approach than others, it's still a top-10 kit for sure.

6. FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russian side Zenit Saint Petersburg really came with the fire this season. I love the detail in this jersey, and it looks OD comfortable.

5. FC Bayern Munich, Germany

German giants Bayern Munich disappointed a bit with the home jersey this year, but this black away kit is really fresh. The subtle red piping on the sleeves really drives this baby home.

4. Manchester City FC, England

Manchester City's 2015-16 shirt screams classic England soccer jersey, yet it manages to look extremely stylish at the same time. Sergio Agüero looks pretty comfortable in these threads, too.

3. Real Madrid CF, Spain

Remember when I said I'm not against predominantly white kits? Well, this is exactly what I was talking about. The Real Madrid players are always decked out in their famous white, but this year's kit looks like it fits like a glove. And the light grey stripes on the white base work better than I would've imagined.

2. Juventus FC, Italy

Similar to Bayern Munich, Juve's home kit is really pretty weak this season, but their black alternate jersey is something I need in my closet ASAP. The gold lettering and detail make this a shirt worthy of a European Championship.

1. FC Paris Saint-Germain, France

I absolutely love PSG's road white jersey this season. Nike did a fantastic job of staying true to the club's red, white and blue colors while allowing for stark variation on the standard navy-based jersey.

From the sleeve and collar accents to the coloring of the team's sponsor, Fly Emirates, Paris Saint-Germain can lay claim to having the freshest kit on display in the Round of 16 of this year's UEFA Champions League.