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Twitter Won't Let Experts Forget They Thought Cam Newton Sucked


It doesn't matter how long ago you said it. If it's embarrassing enough, the Internet will find it. Cam Newton non-believers found that out last night.

As the Carolina Panthers were plowing their way to Super Bowl 50 during Sunday's NFC Championship, with Newton delivering another MVP-caliber performance along the way, football fans dug up old tweets from NFL experts who underrated the quarterback.

While Cam was in college, one notable expert essentially ruled out any chance of Newton being a successful pro quarterback.

There were those who predicted Newton wouldn't be better than guys who, today, are nowhere near starting-quarterback positions.

But, none of those tweets stick out as much as Sports Illustrated's cover from April 2011 about the choice in the NFL Draft between Newton, Blaine Gabbert and now NFL-retiree Jake Locker being the "toughest call in football."

Still, SI's miscalculation was not as egregious as the people who went out of their way to aggressively discredit Newton.

For those two critics, Twitter showed no mercy, with commenters essentially bringing out the pitchforks to attack them.

To be fair, some of these proclamations don't look as bad with some perspective, and Bleacher Report's Matt Miller pointed this out in his own defense last night.

Point taken. But whatever, dude, your tweets are still funny.

What's more notable than any one piece of criticism is for a guy who is so talented, Cam Newton had a relatively large amount of people confident in betting against him.

But one thing is for sure: If Newton wins the Super Bowl with this previously unfavored Panthers team, people won't be hearing much criticism anymore.

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