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Bryce Harper Says Baseball Is A 'Tired Sport' And It Actually Makes Sense


Bryce Harper was pretty clear in making his latest bold statement.

He told ESPN The Magazine,

The Washington Nationals star and reigning National League MVP wasn't exactly reaffirming the most cynical opinion some people have of baseball these days -- that it's outdated, boring and dying -- but he did capture some of what makes baseball an anomaly among today's popular sports.

He told Tim Keown,

He makes a great point, if we're honest here. Baseball abides by a number of rules that are unwritten yet also expected to be treated as sacred.

You can celebrate, for instance, but not too much. Excessive celebration is a general taboo, and that fact just does not fit within sports' landscape in the modern era, at least not to Bryce.

He explained,

Hey, I can't say he's wrong. At the very least, his honesty about a game he plays for a living should be celebrated (but not too much, though).

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