When You Put The Brazzers Logo On WWE Photos They're Hilariously Dirty

It's no secret WWE superstars get caught in compromising positions from time to time.

But that's just the nature of pro wrestling, and I can assure you there's nothing more to it.

Unfortunately, not everyone can see that, and some assh*les on Reddit challenged wrestling fans to make dirty WWE memes by slapping the logo for porn site Brazzers on them.

The results are hilariously inappropriate and definitely NSFW, unless you want your coworkers to think you have some sort of problem.

From the days of Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior...

...to today's matches with Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns...

...wrestling can look a little strange at times.

Ever wonder how Brock Lesnar feels when he steps into the ring?

What exactly has Paul Heyman been advocating?

The PG Era looks like it could be finally coming to an end.

Because this is just not family-friendly at all!

What exactly is The Undertaker really doing on the turnbuckle?

And Randy Orton needs to chill out with those surprise attacks.

Of course, we all know how wrestlers really get down.

Some are just more playful than others.

This isn't going to end very well for anyone.

Don't worry, the Divas have their fun, too.

They're actually the messy ones.

Well, they aren't messier than Zack Ryder. Clean yourself up, man.

We've all seen this one before. Shout out to New Day!

RUSEV CRUSH... that ass.

The Miz and Mizdow are a little closer than your average tag-team partners.

Jesus, it's all dried up already!

There can be only one man behind that.

Nothing's worse than zooming into this guy's face.

And how do people actually eat booty?

Every match has a happy ending.