The Braves Actually Paid $78,000 To Lose To The Nats Last Night

Last night, Dan Uggla capped an improbable comeback by the Washington Nationals over the Atlanta Braves with a three-run home run in the top of the ninth.

While coming back from a 9-1 deficit is newsworthy in its own right, the fact that Dan Uggla is the highest-paid player on the Braves this year takes this story from cool to ratchet.

Yes, the Atlanta Braves are paying Dan Uggla just shy of $13 million to play for the Nationals in 2015. This also makes him the highest-paid player on the Braves' roster this season.

It's just an example of the loopiness of professional sports contracts and trades, specifically in Major League Baseball.

And around $13 million divided by 162 games leaves you with about a $78,000 payday for Uggla last night.

Oh, he also got doused in chocolate sauce by his teammates following the win.

Best Tuesday ever?

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