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Is This The Guy Who Received The Punch That Broke Blake Griffin's Hand?


No one is officially sure how Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin broke his hand.

But a little while ago, ESPN "SportsCenter" anchor Michael Eaves tweeted Griffin suffered the injury as a result of punching a member of the Clippers' equipment staff. Eaves also provided the alleged details of where the incident occurred.

It seems Twitter has a solid theory on which member of the Clips' equipment staff Griffin hit.

Naturally, Twitter also came in heavy with the jokes...

...because, as you can clearly see, Griffin is twice the size of the dude he allegedly punched.

But, this dude has a point. Griffin's situation is definitely not as bad as Amar'e Stoudemire busting his hand on a fire extinguisher.

This guy probably has the most rational assessment of the overall situation.

These are definitely the shenanigans that can occur when you embarrass a man on live television.

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