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What A Guy's Baseball Team Says About The Type Of Boyfriend He'd Be

You can just smell it in the air.

The grass is freshly cut, the base paths have been chalked sub-50 degree weather is starting to become a novelty. Yup, baseball season is back and, with it, new hope for all 30 Major League fan bases.

And that, the starting 0-0 record, is about the only think you'll find in common between each set of fans, as they are all unique in their own way.

The manner in which each guy supports his team is almost like an expression of self, so much so that you can just imagine how they are with their significant other just based on the club they root for.

And that's exactly what we did:

Arizona Diamondbacks

These guys love the idea of being able to go out with different groups of friends. Having a range of social experiences is just part and parcel of where they're from. A date with him won't even mean he's super into you, he just likes a good time out.

Atlanta Braves

Don't get too comfortable with the way he is now. He's stuck to a certain person for so long without it working that he's ready to try something new. He's hoping a new scene will help get into the mood of created a whole new start for himself in life.

Baltimore Orioles

These guys are genuine, so much so they take it as a borderline insult when they see someone else being fake, especially when those fake ones get attention from other people. To him, the good times shared are more important than the material benefits that come with a relationship.

Boston Red Sox

These days he's more successful, and more attractive to the masses because of that. To those who really know him though, he only used to be lovable. His closest friends might say his innocence and passion are gone now that's he's moved on up in life.

Chicago Cubs

If there's one thing you can't accuse him of, it's giving up on your relationship. Even when there's countless opportunities (and reasons) to leave, he'll stay around, out of principle if nothing else.

Chicago White Sox

This guy has a chip on his shoulder in life, which comes with the territory of where he's from. For the life of him, he can't see what's so special about the guys women give more love to than him, but resentment of that fact pushes him to be better.

Cincinnati Reds

He's pessimistic about what's out there. Even when it looks as though he has a good thing, he's skeptical to get excited about it, as he's jumped the gun so many times before. It will take someone to go above and beyond the next time he invests his emotions into something.

Cleveland Indians

This man is desperately longing to get back to what he used to be. It's best that, during this time, you stay away from him. He needs the distance so he can focus on himself.

Colorado Rockies

If you're the type of girl who loves to get mile-high, there are two things you can count on with this guy: He won't judge you and, in fact, he might even want to join you. And science proves that's just the type of situation you'd want.

Detroit Tigers

This guy has the strange reputation of having much to be thankful for yet continuously finding something to complain about. Most of the time, that something isn't even that deep. The most frustrating thing about all of that? He's too good at arguing.

Houston Astros

He has potential, but hasn't brought it to fruition. He has to get his life together, and promises he will too, but that promise is taking so long to be fulfilled that you might want to reconsider whether you have the patience to stick around for the result.

Kansas City Royals

He's the one that everybody likes, with the type of charm that can make even the meanest person kind to him. You just can't hate this guy. Also, as a sidebar, if you're the type of girl who will unnecessarily panic after gaining a half pound, don't expect him to motivate you to go the gym or anything. He'll be too busy trying to convince that barbecue is the way to go for dinner.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Despite having more than his fair share of success at various point in his life, this guy has had an identity crisis for as long as he can remember. Is he this, or that? You really can't place him in one box. Get ready for a complex personality.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Even when external factors make it harder for you both to keep up, this guy will always find a way to make time to see you. And it's a great thing, too, because his laid-back lifestyle makes him the perfect type of guy to chill out with and enjoy the breeze.

Miami Marlins

He'll never be there when you need him most, which, since you're his girlfriend, will probably be most of the time. If we're honest, he'd probably admit he shouldn't even have a girl. After all, he always has something "better" going on around him.

Milwaukee Brewers

He's the guy you'd want to have a beer, with the chill and amicable personality to match. But a few too many drinks and it's not too long before he gets way too defensive about the littlest things. Awkwaaard.

Minnesota Twins

This guy is pretty much an enigma. The more you give him, the less pleased you'll be with his performance in your relationship. Yet, it's when you don't sweat him that you'll find he treats you better and becomes more attractive for it. Weird.

New York Mets

Even if you think you're second-best, he won't mind having you, despite the other options he easily could have had. When you let him down, he won't be shocked or broken. At most, he'll just be disappointed. You can't lose!

New York Yankees

This guy has a lot of admirers and with them come imitators. But when you find the genuine one, what you'll have is someone who expects excellence, which in turn means you'll have to be excellent to him. He can take you being high-maintenance, you just better be able to spend for him, too.

Oakland Athletics

He is as street smart as they come. He may not be blessed with resources that others have, but he always finds a way to great places and things through sheer craft.

Philadelphia Phillies

He's not afraid to be your toughest critic. To him, if you can't be brutally honest with those closest to you, then what's the point of being close? He is not the person you want if you're looking for a yes-man.

Pittsburgh Pirates

You can really capture this guy's heart with great scenery. So it's best you make sure that where you hang out with him, your place or outdoors, is not an eyesore. Great views will soften him up.

San Diego Padres

His laid-back persona makes it hard to get either too excited or too worked-up about anything. He realizes most things are not worth the stress, and can move on from whatever makes him unhappy more quickly than most.

San Francisco Giants

He's a super optimist who's perfect to have around when you need someone to cheer you up. Even when bad times hit him personally, he's chilling. He knows something great is just around the corner and, to be fair, his recent track record backs up that mindset.

Seattle Mariners

This guy is a loner and is used to being forgotten. From time to time, he's tried to alter his behavior so he can be seen as the popular guy, but at this point, he's like "screw it." He'll just do him and anyone that wants to come aboard will have to do so with him just as he is.

St. Louis Cardinals

Don't even bother playing games with him because he's all about commitment. The guy is old-fashioned, respects his elders and tradition. If you're looking for a fling, look elsewhere. But if you want someone to take home to your parents, look no further.

Tampa Bay Rays

For sure, he is a rare breed, unique in every sense of the word. His friends might not agree with his every decision and preference, but that's just a sign that when he sees something special in someone, he doesn't need someone else's opinion to confirm it.

Texas Rangers

This guy is starting to get irritated at the fact that nothing ever seems good enough for anyone. He tries his best for people, in everything that he does, but still seems to be deemed inadequate. Refusing to let cynicism enter the frame, though, he's chosen to stay true to himself over the alternative of becoming an A-hole.

Toronto Blue Jays

Don't get it twisted. They might be seen as the cool and unassuming nice guys, (which, by the way, is great if that's what you're into) but that doesn't mean they can't get loud. What they're most outspoken about, though, is ripping their hometown.

Washington Nationals

He's like the new, smart kid in class. He's intelligent, does his work and keeps to himself, which can be mistaken for being standoffish.

But once you're close to him, he'll accept you as his own. He'll go out of his way to defend you, too, even when everyone else is doing the opposite.