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Antonio Brown Got Fined $12K For Twerking After Scoring A Touchdown

The NFL slapped an over $12,000 fine on Antonio Brown for twerking after catching a touchdown.

He didn't care, though.

On the subject of the five-figure penalty, Brown shared a blunt response with ESPN, saying,

Nothing to a boss.

You heard the man.

Brown drew the attention of the league office and the internet after he was flagged by a referee following a touchdown reception on Monday Night Football.

That touchdown resulted in a unique celebration that even had the commentators laughing.

To be clear, the Pittsburgh Steelers star didn't refer to what he did as "twerking." He called the dance "Boomin'," thank you very much, which he's clearly trying to make into somewhat of a trademark (just don't tell DJ Khaled).

The colors he chose for that t-shirt also kind of explain the second penalty Brown incurred. The wide receiver was not only fined 12 stacks for the tw-- I mean, Boomin' -- he was also fined $9,115 for violating the "foreign substances on body/uniform" rules.

Basically, as you can see below, he wore baby blue cleats that didn't match his team's colors.

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So yeah, Antonio Brown is all about his personal brand, fines be damned.

Gotta spend money to make money, I guess.

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