American Pharoah's Manager Is A 23-Year-Old Millionaire Fresh Out Of NYU


In today's installment of "Life Isn't Fair," we find out the manager of Triple Crown winner American Pharoah is a 23-year-old millionaire.

Yes, you may already know Egyptian-American Ahmed Zayat owns Pharoah, but did you know his son, who recently graduated with a degree in economics from New York University, is the horse's manager?

Justin Zayat had to study for finals in between the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, but he was all smiles this past Saturday, knowing his father's horse just made the Zayat family millions of dollars.

Speaking with USA TODAY, Justin said,

You forgot to say you're already set for life.

The Alpha Epsilon Pi member just had one hell of a month.

When you win Preakness, you get a "TODAY" show cookie.

And you get to hang out with Governor Chris Christie.

This kid loves his horse, and we all know why.

He also loves being a bro.

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