Aaron Hernandez Reportedly Feared For His Life Due To His Gang Affiliation

What would drive a 23-year-old NFL player with a $40 million dollar contract, good looks and a shot at the Super Bowl year after year playing with Tom Brady, to a life crime?

The life of Aaron Hernandez is a wild one. From his years at the University of Florida, when he was winning national titles with Tim Tebow, to last season when he made up the best tight end tandem in the league with Rob Gronkowski -- he has been blessed by the football Gods.

However, with such great talent and future potential comes a dark and crime-ridden past. TMZ revealed today that Hernandez was heavily involved with gangs in his youth and even joined one as a teenager growing up in Bristol, Connecticut. And while he has been making some sort of effort to distance himself from this life, it appears it might have finally caught up with him.

TMZ sources reveal that certain gang members felt that Hernandez owed them something with his influx of success. In fact, it got so bad that it is reported Hernandez was fearing for his own life in the weeks leading to the murder of Odin Lloyd. Lloyd was apparently discussing with some of these rivals and Aaron felt betrayed. This could very well be the motive for the murder.

With six charges against Hernandez, his involvement with the murder is evident, but still ambiguous. As the days move on, surely we will learn even more about his past and what drove him to involvement in the homicide of a 27-year-old man.

Photo Credit: Getty Images