Aaron Hernandez Sent A Super Flirty Letter From Jail To Female Pen Pal


Leave it to Aaron Hernandez to spit game while locked away behind bars.

The former Patriots tight end, who's currently serving a life sentence after being convicted in the murder of Odin Lloyd, has received plenty of fan mail while incarcerated in a Bristol County jail. And it appears he enjoys responding to several of his female admirers.

One woman, in particular, wrote to Hernandez, saying she was interested in visiting him behind bars -- so you know he had to holler back.

TMZ Sports

Hernandez's letter said,

In addition, he wrote,

Damn, you really have to give it to this dude.

Even though he's awaiting trial for another murder, Hernandez appears to be in good spirits.

He also included in the note,

If you say so, Aaron.

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