Aaron Hernandez Is The Only NFL Player Stupid Enough To Take A Selfie With A Gun

If there are any of you out there feeling bad for Aaron Hernandez just stop. Sure he's only 23-years-old and about to hit the prime of his NFL career, but if you are dumb enough to kill one of your buddies and not clean up your mess afterwards, then you deserve to get locked up. It's as simple as that.

But how just stupid is Aaron? Well stupid enough to take a selfie with a handgun. That's right. Who is stupid enough to do this is beyond us, but low and behold, this is visual evidence of the troubled star with his number one vice: hand guns.

Things are looking worse by the second for Hernandez and with six charges pinned against him, with one of those including murder, his future is looking pretty glib. What ever happens to you next Aaron, you deserve it. Idiot.

Aaron Hernandez brandishing a Glock handgun for a selfie iPhone pic http://t.co/dsKeJGOopk pic.twitter.com/Ene9YROtkh — TMZ (@TMZ) June 26, 2013

Photo Credit: Tumblr