92-Year-Old NBA Fan Got To Meet Her Favorite Player And It Was Adorable (Video)

Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard has tons of fans around the globe, but perhaps none of them are bigger fans than 92-year-old Merle.

Merle is a lifelong Blazers fan who, thanks to social media, got the thrill of a lifetime at last night's Blazers-Grizzlies game when she got to meet the 25-year-old Lillard.

This magical meeting appears to have started with a post explaining how Merle had never been to a Blazers game but was getting the opportunity to attend last night's game, thanks to a group of generous Marquis Companies employees.

Social media took things a step further by starting the campaign to #HelpMerleMeetLillard.

Love this so so much. #HelpMerleMeetLillard pic.twitter.com/ZbmXvxJS9g — Mr. Portland (@Mr_Portland) November 6, 2015

Lo and behold, the Portland Trail Blazers picked up on the Twitter campaign and made Merle's wish come true.

#HelpMerleMeetLillard https://t.co/q3fD44AoIE — Trail Blazers (@trailblazers) November 6, 2015

#HelpMerleMeetLillard became a reality, and it was absolutely adorable.

92-year-old Merle meets her favorite NBA player, @Dame_Lillard. #HelpMerleMeetLillard pic.twitter.com/h4DiTrqttW — Trail Blazers (@trailblazers) November 6, 2015

It was surely an evening Merle will never forget.

@Dame_Lillard thank you so much for taking the time to meet Merle. We will never forget today #HelpMerleMeetLillard pic.twitter.com/BGsxSKevA3 — Melissa Kaylene (@melissakaylene) November 6, 2015

And I'm sure Damian Lillard won't, either.

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