35 Telltale Signs You're Completely Addicted To Baseball

by Miranda Kulp
20th Century Fox/Fever Pitch

Baseball isn't just an American pastime, it’s the one game everyone loves.

But, for many of us, the game transcends sheer enjoyment and turns into a lifestyle. For the true diehard fans, baseball season is the best 180 days out of the entire year.

To those individuals who eat, sleep and breathe baseball, here are the telltale signs your love of the sport may, indeed, make you the cliche, obsessive baseball fan.

1. When people ask you your favorite season, you simply answer with “baseball."

2. When people say the word “diamond,” you automatically assume they’re referring to the field.

3. You’re more often than not seen wearing a baseball hat.

4. Half of your wardrobe is dedicated to your favorite team.

5. Your favorite colors just happen to be those of your team.

6. You regard Opening Day as an official holiday.

7. Additionally, you took off of work solely to celebrate the return of baseball season.

8. Your perfect meal is a hotdog and a beer.

9. You think ice cream tastes better when served in a tiny, hat-shaped bowl.

10. You’re not afraid to make very close friends with strangers at the ballgame when your team scores.

11. You’re also not afraid to let the fans of the other team know what you think of them.

12. You’ve yelled at an umpire before.

13. Let’s be honest: You’ve bluntly threatened an umpire before.

14. You’ve been to countless baseball games.

15. You’ve taken someone out on a date to a baseball game.

16. If you can’t make the game, you’re keeping up with your team on the radio, TV or online.

17. You’ve most likely played baseball at some point in your life.

18. You’re already planning on having kids just so they can play the sport.

19. You also might already be planning on coaching your future kid’s baseball team.

20. You know your team’s stats offhand and can recite them at any time.

21. You alter your work schedule around when the games are.

22. You pay as much attention to your fantasy team as you do your real team.

23. You can name all of the players and their positions on the team at a drop of a dime.

24. The only themed social events you attend are themed game nights.

25. It’s your ultimate goal in life to catch a foul ball during a game.

26. There’s always a baseball within reach of you.

27. Your favorite childhood movie was most likely either “The Sandlot” or “Angels in the Outfield.”

28. Growing up, you spent most of your time playing backyard baseball.

29. Without a doubt, your favorite song is “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

30. You either absolutely love A-Rod or hate him. There is no middle ground.

31. If you own a pet, there's a good chance you've decked out your little friend in baseball apparel so you two can match on game day.

32. You can easily remember the first time you went to a baseball game.

33. You’re fascinated with baseball’s rich history, and you've read more than a few books about the game.

34. You're always updated with the latest news about the game and your favorite players.

35. You’ve been saving up your sick days for baseball season so you can ditch work and enjoy the game.

If you can agree with most of these statements, then, congratulations! You’re a diehard baseball fan. Be proud!

Like many, you recognize the true beauty of the game and have no shame in showing off your pride.

Now, go enjoy the happiest time of the year and hope your team finds their way to victory.