24 Hilarious Memes To Perfectly Describe Super Bowl XLIX

Is isn't much of a surprise that the Internet had a lot to say about last night's Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Seahawks.

Everything from Katy Perry's bizarre halftime show to the unbelievable ending, to the game and everything in-between, was turned into a hilarious meme.

Here are some of the best memes from the game.

Dudes across America before Katy Perry's halftime show:

But, we realized we learned something at the end of her performance:

She did come out on that lion looking like a power ranger, though:

It was obvious she stole Chazz Michael Michaels' outfit:

But, she also got some inspiration from Bam Bam Bigelow:

And a little from Guy Fiery, too:

The dancing beach set looked kinda familiar:

Or, like a bad trip:

But, some people couldn't watch it because they died in a depressing commercial:

Thanks a lot, Nationwide:

Now I won't be able to take a bath without thinking dancing sharks are lurking:

Those sharks were as surprised as everyone else at the end of the game:

Well, maybe not as surprised as Richard Sherman:

Why would Pete Carroll make that call?

Some of us had different ideas of what to do in that situation:

Sorry, Mr. Beast Mode:

The Seahawks were so close to repeating as champs, but they gave it up:

And, with that one play call, they lost most of their fan base:

After that play, all that stood between the Pats and the Championship was a little brawl:

But, after that, it was time to give New England their trophy:

We can never forget Deflategate:

Regardless of whether or not he cheated, Tom Brady won his fourth Super Bowl title:

Unfortunately, former Patriot Aaron Hernandez had to watch his old team win from a jail cell:

While an unimpressed Kanye West watched with some of his fans: