15 Reasons Why Your Fantasy League Should Be Using An Auction Draft

Are you a fantasy football owner who's stuck in the past? It's OK, so are millions of other jabronis out there.

While snake draft order might seem like the traditional, All-American way to go when it comes to picking your players, you'll learn it's nothing but a completely outdated process that needs serious revamping.

Sure, it's the standardized method we all grew up playing, but anyone who's gotten a middle-to-late pick in his or her snake draft can tell you how miserable and caged you can feel the whole time.

Not to worry, that's when auction drafting comes into play.

I know, I know. It goes against everything you've ever believed in, and it's OK to feel like that. But all it really takes is one honest look and you'll see what all the craze is about.

Getting a set amount of money to bid on your favorite players is how it's supposed to be done, and if sounds too complex for you, recognize that it's not!

Sure, it takes some adjusting, but that's why we're here to break it down for you. Here's 20 reasons why the auction draft is a billion times better than the snake draft. Open your eyes already, people!

Everyone starts on even playing field.

No more worrying about being a middle-to-late pick anymore. And no more friends walking around like pompous assh*les all week knowing they have the number-one spot.

Everyone has an equal opportunity from the jump, which means you can no longer blame the draft order for your shortcomings!

You're not a slave to your draft order.

Knowing your place in the draft and not being able to do anything about it is not the wave. This is America, and we should be able to let our voices be heard no matter what pick number you have.

You don't have to sit around waiting forever for your draft turn.

The worst part about having the first pick in the snake draft? Having to wait five hours for your next pick! By then, the most interesting stars are off the board. It might sound crazy, but having the last pick in this format is actually the best, considering you get back-to-back picks.

Auction drafts let everyone make picks at all times.

You can actually get the players you want, regardless of draft position.

Want a team with Adrian Peterson AND LeSean McCoy? That happens in plenty of auction drafts. While you still need to be strategic and mindful of your allotted money, having no boundaries when choosing players is how it's supposed to be.

You get to act like a baller with your money.

Owners are typically given $200 to bid on players set at different prices. That means your money, your decisions. F*ck a draft order telling you how to live your life. Go out there and make your own decisions like a boss!

If you ball out too hard and blow your cash you're left to play with crumbs.

Like so many other things in life, don't go too hard or you'll find yourself on your ass. Or worse: broke! Being a big spender will end up hurting you in the end, and all of those money management tips you read on Elite Daily can finally go to good use.

It's all about how much you value players and what you're willing to spend.

Stop reading all of the pre-draft rankings, expert analyses and ridiculous predictions. It's time for you to use your football instincts and make the best judgement.

You can tweet at players if they suck: "WTF I spent $50 on your ass!"

Shout out to social media one time for putting us closer to the action than ever. You've always been able to call out players for their piss-poor performance, but drafting them in an auction gives you a closer connection than ever.

You're actually investing virtual dollars on them, so if they mess up, a quick Twitter lashing is called for.

The kids who don't take the league seriously will miserably fail at the draft.

Once again, actual football knowledge starts to come to light and investing in a player means a lot more than ever. Novices will be weeded out early and you won't ever have to worry about some chump in your league getting lucky again!

You can f*ck over your friends with last-second bids.

It's all about playing your cards right, and putting in a last-second bid to steal a player is one of the most rewarding feats in fantasy. Sneak in late bid for Jimmy Graham and watch everyone else lose their sh*t. He's going to be a beast this year, by the way.

If you know your friend loves a certain player, you can keep driving up the bids so he spends more money.

Bidding on players you don't even want is an important strategy in auction drafting. Having inside information to whom your friends are targeting will give you the upper hand later in the draft. Bait them and watch them spend their dollars like imbeciles!

You get to feel like an actual GM.

This is what it's all about! For once, your destiny is in your own hands and you have a say in every pick. From there, you can take the Jerry Jones route and apply this mindset to everything else in life. Strippers included!

You learn a real life lesson in budgeting.

This is why we went to school, y'all! Basic subtraction has never been more vital in your life and it's never been more important to carry this on. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and make your third grade math teacher proud!

You can call your friends who do snake drafts "babies" and tell them their league isn't legit.

Once you've mastered the auction, you can go around and be a pompous assh*le to your friends still messing with snake leagues. Make sure to yell out insults like "child's play" and "incompetence." That last one usually hurts.

If you win your league, you can legitimately say you are the best.

Winning an auction draft league gives you a sense of accomplishment that no snake draft can ever give you. Pause. Knowing how far you've come, making the right choices and spending your money wisely is something that you will carry into next year.

Top Photo Courtesy: The Sports Fan Journal