If You Had $15 To Build The Greatest NBA Team Of All Time, Who Would You Pick? (Photo)

by Julian Sonny

This past week, a viral meme, which gives people the chance to construct their ideal NBA teams for only $15, has swept the web.

It's actually a brilliant concept that pins different number values to some of the greats at every position and provides insight to what it's really like to be a GM. Well, not really that last part.

I'd take Walt Frazier ($1), Michael Jordan ($5), LeBron James ($5), Dirk Nowitzki ($2) and Shaq ($2). Any chance to take MJ and The King simultaneously is a no-brainer. Add in Shaq and you have the most dominant Big Three of all time!

Walt Frazier can hold it down with the swag and of course, you always need one foreign superstar to win a title. Just ask Gregg Popovich.

See how fun this is? Now it's your turn. Let us in on your all-time squad in the comments below. Bonus points if you can make one with some change to spare.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr