10 Unbelievable Stats That Prove Tim Duncan Is The Greatest Power Forward Of All Time

Tim Duncan could have very well played his last game in the NBA on Sunday. No one doubts he can no longer play at a high level, but after his fifth title, two MVPs and a sure shot into the Hall of Fame, what else does he have left to prove?

We already know why he's the man off the court, but what Timmy did when his Spurs crushed the Heat in this series is solidify himself as the greatest power forward of all time.

Winning an NBA title 15 years apart is no easy feat (1999 and 2014). He knows what it takes to consistently compete and achieve greatness. Tim Duncan is as fundamental as they come, and his stats prove it.

The ridiculous numbers he's amassed throughout his career are staggering, but not surprising. His body of work is simply the best.

Check out the 15 stats that show just who the greatest power forward of all time is. Numbers don't lie!

1. He won a championship in three different decades ('99, '03, '05, '07, '14).

2. Which means it been 15 years since he won his first.

3. Only Kareem Abdul-Jabar has had more years between his first and last titles.


4. He has more 50-win seasons than every franchise besides the Lakers, Celtics, Spurs and Suns.

5. He's played in more playoff games than all of these teams.

6. He holds the playoff record for most minutes and most double-doubles.

7. He became the oldest player (38) to average 15.0+ points and 10.0+ rebounds in the Finals.

8. He has the most postseason minutes out of any player ever.

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9. And even more than the Knicks' franchise history.

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10. This is how he stacks up to the rest of the greats.

DO NOT SLEEP on Tim Duncan, when talking about the all-time greats. pic.twitter.com/FMi0WMsZl0 — Numbers Never Lie (@ESPN_Numbers) June 16, 2014