The 10 Scientifically Proven Life Hacks Every Athlete Needs To Know

by Julian Sonny

Getting the inside edge is crucial in all aspects of life. That is, if you're ever trying to be great at anything. Just look at pro athletes. They train endlessly to perfect their craft and earn the fattest contract they can net. Sounds like entrepreneurship to me.

And while most of us aren't exactly professionally paid athletes, we've all participated in some some sort of semi-organized game in our lives. If not, then you must be fat as sh*t. But maybe you're in a high school, college or corporate league team and are looking for that extra something to help push your game to the next level.

Well look no further. There is actually scientific research that can help you perform at a higher level, and guess what, they're all things you can do for free. These are simple life hacks that will help you overcome that hump and play to the best of your ability.

Clenching your left fist relaxes you in high-pressure moments

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High pressure situations are usually the telling sign of how great any athlete is. But how can you calm some of these nerves that people tend to get? According to Philly Sports Doc, Dr. Juergen Beckmann, chair of sport psychology at the Technical University of Munich in Germany, proved that some of these nerves can be relieved when clenching your left fist. This motion is said to activate the right side of the brain -- the side that controls your automated behavior. This helps athletes from overthinking and just letting their natural instincts come in.

Chewing gum or sipping juice makes you more alert

Drinking sugary drinks like Gatorade or chewing some gum is more than just delicious, it helps you think better! But the crazy part is you don't even have to swallow it. Pause. No, you can actually just swish around the liquids around and get the taste. As long as there's plenty of sugar in it.

Your brain, in turn, becomes more active in the pleasure center, allowing you to enjoy feeling the burn far longer than some idiot without a sugary drink. It also stimulates the part of your brain in charge of movement control. So not only will you be content while kicking your water-drinking opponent's ass, you'll actually be kicking it harder.

Singing while you play prevents you from choking

There is nothing worse than choking in late-game situations. Only the greats are able to come through and shine in the clutch, so how can you secure that you won't be tripping over your own feet from nervousness? Try singing. Seriously.

The pressure from the game often times makes you overthink things and and take missteps that can kill your success. According to research, by singing, you will shut off that part of the brain the becomes too overactive. This, in turn, should prevent you from choking.

Smelling good scents helps you concentrate better

For years researchers have known about the positive effects of certain smells and aromas. Its healing power can not only make you calmer but it actually lowers your blood pressure.

In a study conducted with six MLB players, researchers discovered that the athletes hit a higher batting average every time they sniffed their scented wrist bands. Their performance and ability sky-rocketed thanks to an increase of their hand-eye coordination.

Eating a chocolate bar gives you more energy to burn

Scientists discovered that eating bits of chocolate before physically exerting yourself can help performance and stamina. Throughout the course of a game, you lose a lot of energy. Epicatechin, a chemical in chocolate, helps to quickly restore this energy and give you more power to last longer.

Non-alcoholic beers help you recover

Especially after running a marathon, your body's recovery is vital in making sure you can walk again. Doctors now say that drinking non-alcoholic beverages afterwards can help you recover more quickly and get you ready for the next game. The only question is where the hell do you get non-alcoholic beer?

Watching porn before gives you more adrenaline

In a study where researchers tested athletes after watching a variety of short clips, from sad to funny, motivational and erotic, they discovered that guys played significantly better after watching the porn. Naturally. This helps bring a rise in your testosterone, which makes you play with more intensity, heart and desire. You see what you're doing to us over here, ladies?

Talking sh*t after you score makes you more likely to come out on top

While talking sh*t and showing off is usually prohibited by most sane coaches, apparently if you gives you an edge and increases your chance of winning. According to a recent study, soccer players who "convincingly cheered" throughout the game were more successful in actually winning.

Showing visible signs of pride does something to the opponent, making them more hesitant and likely to choke. Scientists also found that celebrating in the direction of the crowd does nothing. Do it right in the opponent's face.

Wearing red also increases your chances of winning

Not only does wearing red make you more attractive to the opposite sex, but it also increases your chances of winning. So before you celebrate after every score and wild out, make sure you're wearing red.

This lethal combo should give you an unparalleled edge. In 2004, two British researchers concluded that athletes who wore red always came out on top during close-game situations. So in the end, you'll still to actually compete to have a shot at winning, so just keep it close. It's simple really -- red means dominance.

Grunting during the game distracts your opponent

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Ever wonder why tennis players grunt all match long? Well besides exerting a sh*tload of force on every swing, it helps distract their opponents and throw off their concentration. It's simple really.

According to this study, making grunt sounds messes with others' perception of things such as where exactly the ball is and how they should react. So next time you're on the field, court or pitch, make sure you're squawking like crazy. It'll help you win.

Photo Courtesy of: Tumblr