10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be A Cowboys Fan

by Julian Sonny

The Dallas Cowboys have to be one of the most cursed franchises in all of sports. Not only do they always seem to drop the game in close situations, but they have one of the most expensive rosters while doing it. There's no way this should ever be happening. They are, after all, the richest team in sports.

Owner Jerry Jones has to have the highest blood pressure in America, watching some of their antics. Whether they're killing guys on the field or just plain choking in the 4th, there isn't a more disappointing team in all of sports.

And this season, things aren't looking any better. Cowboys fans will likely be singing a familiar song come this postseason and whine like babies yet again. These are the 10 reasons why it sucks to be a Cowboys fan.

You are assh*les and never show good sportsmanship during tail gates

Your star player is a big baby

And your other star can't keep his lunch down

Your cheerleaders bang college players

Dallas Cowboys

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You have a player nicknamed "Golden Cock"

Peter Aiken/Getty Images

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You gave up Peyton Manning's first rushing touchdown in five years

Jerry Jones is worth $2.3 billion but still has a flip phone

Jerry Jones, owns a team worth $2.3 billion, still uses a flip phone — Cork Gaines (@CorkGaines) October 6, 2013

You gave Tony Romo a six-year, $108 million contract

This is Tony Romo

This is him as his wife

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