You Can Now Find Out What Your Uber Rating Is And If Drivers Hate You

If you're familiar with Uber, you're familiar with the app's rating system. It's way for passengers to sing the praises of good drivers or for Uber to keep tabs on the problematic ones.

But here's a little known fact: That rating system is a two-way street. The drivers also rate you, and now, you can find out your score (if you dare).

In the past, the driver's side of the rating system was kept hidden from the passenger; it was merely a way for them to communicate with one another, perhaps to warn other drivers if one passenger was particularly rude. In some cases, it could even function as a "warning" label for the drivers, a way to keep them safe from dangerous or volatile passengers.

Finding your rating still requires a bit of digging, but it is possible. When you open your app, click the "profile" button in the upper-left corner of the screen and then select "help." If you have multiple accounts, you'll be prompted to select which of the accounts you'd like to see your customer ratings for.

Find and click the button that says, "I'd like to know my rating," and agree to the terms. You'll be emailed a full report, detailing your overall score and individual ratings from drivers.

Though the prospect of being judged based on brief encounters with complete strangers is more than a little daunting, I personally like the idea. Sometimes, people can be rude. And when people are rude, often, the best thing to do is give them a reality check.

As for the rest of us, hey, even the most cheerful folk could use an ego boost once in awhile, right?

Find your rating on Uber, and next time you're stranded in the rain, looking for a cab, remember it pays to be polite.

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