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You Can Finally Buy Tituss Burgess' Pinot Noir, AKA 'An Ode To Black Penis'


We all wanted to get a taste of "Peeno Noir" after watching Titus Andromedon (inarguably the best character to grace Netflix) sing about it with goosebump-inducing beauty.

In case you're unfamiliar with the "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" character and his fine wine pursuits, here's a quick recap:

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Now you can buy Tituss Burgess' very own brand of red wine directly off his website or from a grocery store in the very near future. He made the announcement on his Instagram account, writing,

You are right about that, Tituss.

I think I'll pair my Pinot Noir with some caviar... While driving a mid-sized car to Myanmar, going to a leather bar for a date with... Tom Berenger?

Hey, I try.

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