This 104-Year-Old 'Yarn Bomber' Might Be The Oldest Known Street Artist (Video)

Even though she doesn't look like it, Grace Brett is a hardcore street artist through and through.

While the 104-year-old member of Souter Stormers knitting club may not be armed with spray paint and reckless aggression toward the law, she is armed with a few yarn balls, those pointed knitting stick things and a healthy appetite to make the world a little more cozy.

According to The Press and Journal, Brett said,

I thought it was a really good idea to decorate the town and enjoyed having my crochet included.

So she set out to yarn bomb Selkirk, Scotland during the YES Arts Festival, a Scottish week-long event focusing on visual arts, live performance and spoken word.

The world looks a little more like home with a tea cozy over it.

YarnStormCards on sale LaContea,CountyHotel Selkirk 12 -4pm. Examples not necessarily the ones on cards. — YesArtsFestival (@YesArtsFestival) September 13, 2015

During their reign of fuzzy terror, Brett and the other Stormers used 46 knitted creations across the festival in signature street art style.

You da BOMB, Grace. You da friendly, multi-colored, patterned, feels-warm-in-the-fall BOMB.

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