This Wool Sock Will Perfectly Ripen Your Avocado, So The Waiting Game Is Over

by Brenda Santana

When I sit and think of the most inconvenient things I've ever had to experience, I think of standing in line behind a person who's looking for exact change, getting a paper cut, and being forced to buy the unripe avocado.

Seriously, being forced to buy an avocado that isn't ready to be eaten sucks.

You take it home and wait for what seems like an eternity for the fruit to be ready to consume, just to miss the mark and end up having to use the avo to make a face mask.

Unripe avocados are no longer an issue thanks to The Avocado sock, which is exactly what it sounds like — a sock for your avocado ripening needs.

The Avocado Sock

The Avocado Sock Was created by Diane Sherwood, a former caterer, who was tired of using useless hacks in the hopes of making her green avocados edible.

Tired of paper bags, Sherwood finally found her own golden avo ripening hack and shares it on the Avocado Sock website.

"I ripened avocados in wool ski socks lined up in a drawer so that I would have plenty of ripe avocados at-the-ready for vats of Guacamole," she wrote.

The unconventional method was a hit, and Sherwood always had ripe avocado handy when she needed to make guacamole.

Years later, she decided to create The Avocado Sock — a line of all-wool, environmentally friendly socks made specifically for the public's avocado ripening needs.

The Avocado Sock is made in Canada, retails for $14.99 Canadian Dollars ($11.60 US Dollars), and comes in four different colors including Olive, Nutmeg, Pewter, and Tusk.

The Avocado Sock

I've lost many an avocado due to hacks forcing me to hide my avo in a closet in order to ripen it faster. Those are now behind me because I'm ordering my Avocado Sock right now!

They're pretty cute, aren't they?