This Woman's Ultrasound Will Seriously Leave You Confused AF

It's every woman's nightmare (or maybe just my personal nightmare) to get an ultrasound back that doesn't look like a baby. One expectant father and Reddit user inspired nightmares for millions after posting a photo of his wife's unusual ultrasound with the caption,

My wife is pregnant with a sports car.

The funny thing is, their "baby" does look exactly like a sports car.

My wife is pregnant with a sports car from mildlyinteresting

Naturally, Reddit users were quick to jump in with their most obnoxious puns. Because in the Reddit sphere, the initial reaction is never "Oh my god, how is that even possible?!" but "What joke can I write about this?"

Honestly, though, some of these jokes are pretty spot-on.

Until enough is enough...

So, what is actually going on with this mid-size sedan of a baby? Apparently, freaky looking ultrasounds happen all the time, whether due to an awkward angle or the low-resolution of the image. Some parents are now opting for 4D images to get more detailed visions of their babies which, depending on who you're talking to, can be even spookier.

At least we can rest assured that the chances of giving birth to an alien or devil spawn are very unlikely. Though we might as well stay away from old people offering us tannis root necklaces -- just to be safe.

To get a glimpse of the miracle of life for yourself, watch the video above. And if it makes you anxious, know you could always go with this option...

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