Woman Pulls Epic Prank On Her BF By Making Him Believe He Cheated On Her


Oh my bloody God. British couple fights are AMAZING.

Do you ever watch Spanish game shows or telenovelas and you can't look away despite not knowing what the hell is going on? This is exactly like that, but in English... supposedly.

Brad Holmes has apparently made a career out of pranking his girlfriend, and it was about dang time she gave him a taste of his own medicine. So, what did she do? She tricked him into thinking he cheated on her with the help of a used condom and a hangover.

The results of this cheating prank are perfect, and the fight is soooo beautifully British it should be knighted and given a guest cameo appearance on “Sherlock.” Literally, I have no idea what they're yelling at each other, but it's fascinating.

Check it out up top.

Chip chip!

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