Unlucky Woman Mistakes Giant, Deadly Snake For Christmas Tree Decoration

I had a pretty unconventional childhood.

My father happens to be a herpetologist (aka a biologist who studies reptiles), so growing up, my dad would constantly bring home all sorts of new and interesting creatures.

In fact, we even had a room in our house dubbed "the snake room." It contained countless cages filled with every sort of scaly creature you could possibly imagine.

When you have a room full of reptiles in your house, one is bound to escape from its cage every now and then.

I learned this from an early age when I was digging through a chest of Barbie clothes in search of my doll's leopard-print jacket and accidentally picked up a leopard gecko that had been on the loose instead.

As you can imagine, this little lizard incident scared the shit out of me.

However, it turns out I'm not the only one who's been caught off guard by a sneaky, slithering critter.

A woman from Frankston, Australia, got the Christmas present no one ever asked for when she found a tiger snake wrapped up in the branches of her Christmas tree.

Soooo a lady found a tiger snake in her Christmas tree in Frankston. #straya Photo: Snake Catcher Victoria. #Australia #christmas — Tim Doutré (@Timdoutre) December 18, 2016

The thought of discovering a snake in your Christmas decorations sounds generally terrifying, but also...

@theheraldsun defs would'a 'd my pants #buggerthat — Brendon L. Murphy (@SpudZero14) December 18, 2016

It turns out the species this woman mistook for a garland is actually pretty dangerous.

@Team_Zimm @Timdoutre No, no! Don't ever muck with a Tiger Snake unless you really want to die! They are extremely Venomous! — lisa witham (@cheezwitham) December 19, 2016

As you can imagine, this sort of Christmas present is a big "nope" for most people.

@Timdoutre — ✭alt-left✭ (@BlkCarmenSDiego) December 19, 2016

In fact, I think it's safe to say most of us would rather find coal under our tree for the rest of eternity than realize a tiger snake has turned our Christmas tree into a cozy new home.

@Timdoutre @davidtark Time to get a new house. — Tyler Ryan (@TySQL) December 19, 2016

Other people on Twitter have shown concern for the fact this women didn't find the snake until after she was done decorating the whole damn tree. SMH.

@Timdoutre Wait! How in the hell? 1.Brought tree home2.Secured it in tree stand3.Decorated Christmas4.Turned lights on#MerryChristmas — BeauTeyMafia Designs (@beauteymafia) December 19, 2016

All I can say is this terrifying incident is further proof everything in Australia is trying to kill you, even the Christmas trees.

@Timdoutre Meanwhile, in Australia... — Kaylin Pound (@kaylin_pound) December 19, 2016  

Merry Christmas, guys!

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