Woman Shames Guy For Using Phone While On A Date And It Totally Backfires

OK, so we can all relate to this: You're sitting in a restaurant and look over at the couple sitting next to you and one or both of them are on their phones.

It's a scene that looks something like this:

So, this Twitter user going under the name Trouble decided to do what we all feel like doing and call these two out.

The guy looks like he's gone full-mute mode on his girlfriend by plugging his headphones in and staring intensely at his phone.

To be fair to Trouble, the girlfriend does look pretty bored.

But, here's a reminder that context is everything. Not long after the tweet picked up some interest online, the guy in the picture got in touch to give the full story.

Uh-oh! And he's a man of God. Trouble is definitely going to hell now.

To make matters even more awkward, the guy's girlfriend chimed in as well.

@selkcub baby girl, we 3yrs in. I'm good. But we'll pray for you though. Hopefully you find your Godly man soon too — Ray ✝ (@WatchMe_Smile) July 13, 2016

Hands up if you're cringing right now. Well, you will be after reading Trouble's responses.

@WatchMe_Smile 3 years? Same It's just twitter y'all. — Trouble (@selkcub) July 13, 2016

Please stop.

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