This Woman Literally Spent 2 Years Photobombing Random Couples Hooking Up


Being single can be really hard when everyone around you is in a relationship.

When all of your friends are also single, you have fun nights where you guys go out, have a few drinks, talk to a few potential hookups, late-night eat, have sleepovers, wake up, talk about your nights, regroup and then do it all again.

When all of your friends are in relationships except you, you have nights where you guys go out, have a few drin -- and then go home because your friends are tipsy and want to make out with their SOs.

Imgur user sofiagia seems to be somewhere in the latter position, since every time she goes out, she apparently ends up alone, surrounded by couples who are making out.

While I do feel her pain, I am also so thankful this is the case because sofiagia made a point to take a selfie with every couple she found making out and posted them all to Imgur.

She's reportedly done this for two straight years, aka there are tons of selfies with couples getting down in the background. They are all golden. Check them out.

Oh, to be that one friend...

Left all alone after a night out...

Forced to either third-wheel...

...or end your night early.

Luckily, Imgur user sofiagia chose the former option...

...and graced us all with these selfies of her and random couples going at it.

Bless you, sofiagia.

You find the light in any situation.

For the entire two years worth of photos, go check out the rest of the selfies on sofiagia's Imgur page.

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