Woman Who Picks Up Snake Instead Of Her Dog's Toy Is Living Our Worst Nightmare


One woman recently got the scare of a lifetime when she picked up what she thought was her dog's toy rope.

However, it was not.

It was an actual living, slithering rattlesnake.

According to California news station KRON4, the Calabasas local, Carla Portocarerro Rosso, had just finished relaxing in her hot tub for the night when the unfortunate incident — captured by home security cameras — occurred.

In the footage, a super relaxed Carla, clad in a white robe post-hot tub sesh, can be seen walking into the frame, presumably calling after her pup, Dutchess.


She excitedly walks toward the rope-shaped creature, still thinking it's her German Shepard's toy.


And then, within seconds, she's holding the snake she thought belonged to Dutchess.


It's at this point when Carla totally loses it.

She told KRON4:

I picked it up and it felt squishy, that's when I realized it wasn't the rope.

I seriously cannot even imagine how scary this must've been considering it was dark and she probably had no idea WTF was happening.

Dutchess then runs up like, "Where's my toy?!"


And they both take off running in the other direction toward Carla's husband, Ariel, who was still in the hot tub.


The couple reportedly called for help, and the local fire department handled the situation from there.

Afterward, Ariel took to YouTube to upload his wife's now-viral reaction to holding the rattlesnake.

He teased her in the video description, writing:

If you are going to pick your dog's toy in the dark, make sure it's not a live rattlesnake! Thankfully my wife Carla was not bit, but she needs to work on running away skills!

Poor Carla! Thankfully, she and Dutchess escaped the rattler unscathed.

Watch the full 12-second video, below.

Stay safe this summer, everyone.