What's Actually Inside A Rattlesnake's Tail Will Really Creep You Out

We all know to run for our lives at the sound of a shaking rattlesnake's tail, but did you ever stop to wonder what could be inside of it?

Yeah, me neither. I've always been more focused on the running for my life part. But now, thanks to a new video released by the YouTube channel, What's Inside?, we can all find out what a rattlesnake's tail is made out of, if only for the sake of our unquenchable curiosities.

As a disclaimer, the cracking sound the box cutter makes while slicing through the tail is pretty revolting. If you happen to be eating popcorn, I suggest you put it away before starting this video because your mind is bound to go there. Trust me.

So, what is inside a rattlesnake's tail? Basically, a whole lot of nothing. The shaking sound their tails make have more to do with the layers of skin they build up on their rattlers over time than anything inside them. You learn something new every day, am I right?

Watch the video above to see the results of this mini experiment for yourself.

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