Woman Accidentally Sends Out Naked Selfie When Posting Washing Machine Review


Louise from Stevenage in the UK has inspired women around the world with her body confident photo. The only thing is, she didn't mean to be in the picture.

While she was posting an online review about a washing machine – who the hell has time to do that, BTW? – Louise uploaded a photo to go along with it. It showcased her shiny new washer and dryer... and all of her naked body.

Yup. Poor Louise had neglected the fact that her washer door is pretty darn reflective.

She wrote,

Love my new machine. It's nice and has quite a big door and plays a nice tune when it's finished washing -- love it.

Maybe she's referring to her body when she says "machine." She gave herself 10 out of 10 stars. Never change, Louise from Stevenage.

Mark Milligan came across the hilarious review while shopping for a washing machine for himself.

He took a screenshot of the review and tweeted,

Well this is funny,doing a review on currys for new washing machine we are getting and this is the picture!! Oh my!

Louise, please know that this is far from embarrassing. Think of how many women you're empowering with your zero-fucks attitude and extreme confidence. You are an inspiration to us all.

Besides, it could be worse. You could be this girl:


Didn't spot it? Look at her sunglasses.

Yup, you DID just spy a hulking pink dildo in the lens reflection.

It looks like she's about to purchase the rubber love aid online, and we couldn't be happier for her.

You want another one? Oh, OK. But only because you've been good.


No, look closer.


Porn. Shameless cartoon porn. In public. On the subway. With people around.

That look of concentration, though.