Girl Has No Clue Her Sunglasses Selfie Reveals She's Shopping For Dildos

When she posted this selfie, the girl probably didn't realize that her internet shopping would be revealed to the entire world.

Alas, it was.

The internet screen is reflected in her sunglasses to reveal her online shopping for some "satisfaction," as the Rolling Stones might say.


The photo shows the girl posing in a pair of pink Ray-Bans, with her hand next to her face as she stares pensively at the camera.

By all accounts, it's a pretty harmless selfie. That is, until the reflection of her internet dildo shopping becomes evident in the reflection of her sunglasses.

But was this a selfie faux pas, or is she trying to send a very public message to her boyfriend? The internet isn't too sure.

One user commented, "I think 95 percent of things like these are on purpose."

Another thought it was more genuine, and suggested that she was probably "looking to celebrate after the game."

Whether it was purposeful or not, it's still pretty funny. The image has since gone viral.

So, no matter whether it was a statement or a slip up, let's hope that the girl will at least get a freebie from the website.