Woman Shares Last Photo Taken Of Her Murdered Brother In Heartbreaking Post


Reddit has a subreddit entitled "Last Images," where nearly 50,000 subscribers post the last images ever taken of their loved ones.

It's extremely haunting to see people in the often quotidian moments before they pass. It reminds us how quickly things can change, or, in the case of suicide, the privacy and inarticulacy of pain.

One such images depicts Rachel and her boyfriend, Merrick, in the last photograph they ever took together. He would die in a motorcycle accident soon after.

The photograph above was posted by Rachel on the one year anniversary of her boyfriend's death.

This photograph was posted by a friend of the man on the right, who committed suicide soon after.

The photo's caption reads,

We are constantly flooded with images of our friends and acquaintances on social media. We are intimately familiar with them. But in this context they become strange, complicated and contorted.

One of the most troubling photographs in the subreddit is of Reddit user itssydneyy and her brother. The caption reads:

The subreddit  also features many of the last photographs taken of Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie and other beloved public figures that passed away this year.

It's a very difficult subreddit to search through, but many have turned to it to help process their grief by  showing the world the precious last moments of their loved ones.