Woman Knocks Over $200,000 Worth Of Art While Taking Selfie And We Feel Her Pain

How far would you go to take the perfect selfie?

I'll admit: In my day, I've definitely held up a couple bathroom lines and asked total strangers to photograph me.

But I've never inflicted harm upon someone or something in order to snap the perfect selfie. That's where I differ from one infamous museum goer in Los Angeles.

Just a few short weeks ago, a woman visiting the 14th Factory Museum in Los Angeles decided to do what we all do in 2017 to remember an occasion, and took a seemingly harmless selfie.

Little did she know, her selfie would end up damaging $200,000 worth of art. Plus, the entire thing was captured on surveillance camera for the world to see. Yikes.

As you can see in the footage, the woman crouched over to take a cool pic in front of the sculptures. It seems like she lost her balance, which resulted in a domino effect after bumping into one of the columns.

Gosh, I really hope she got the selfie she was after, and I really hope it was worth. ($200,000 is A LOT.)

Mashable reports the woman knocked over about 10 of the pedestals.

The exhibit — which was created to get museum goers interacting with the piece — is called "Hypercaine" and shows different crowns created with different materials.

Here's more details about "Hypercaine" from The 14th Factory Instagram.

Inside a serene space, singular objects rest on plinths: these are crowns, or at least some resemblance of what a crown might be, presented as precious trophies or boons. The title of this work was inspired by the electronic dance track 'Hypercaine' by DJ Fresh. It is also a signifier of the ultimate human drug — power.

One thing is certain: This woman really had the power to permanently damage three sculptures.

She really took "doing it for the 'gram" to a whole new level.