Woman Gave Her Grandson A Bath Full Of 15 Pounds Of Rainbow Spaghetti

Brandon Manning

Grandmas are pretty dope.

Once in a while, my grandma would slip me a five dollar bill or bring home Little Caesar's pizza AND crazy bread, but she never made me a bathtub full of spaghetti.

It really makes me wonder if she loved me at all.

Am I jealous of a 5-year-old? Almost always, yeah. But I'm especially jealous of Dresden Manning, because his grandmother Patricia is making some quality memories for him to look back on fondly.

Brandon Manning

Dresden's father Brandon said,

She is his favorite person, and he is hers.

Patricia was busy being an amazing grandmother and learning what Dresden was into when she saw a bathtub challenge on his favorite YouTube channel Guava Juice.

I know -- a bathtub challenge? To me, that's not passing out in a warm bath while drinking a bottle of wine and waking up four hours later in cold water.

But this bathtub challenge was all about bathing in rainbow spaghetti... for reasons???

And Patricia wanted her grandson to experience that.

Brandon Manning

Brandon said,

She has always been an amazing woman who encouraged fun and silliness, but being a grandma has definitely amplified that quality.

Patricia cooked 15 pounds of spaghetti and dyed it five different colors before chucking it all into a bathtub for Dresden to play in.

Brandon Manning

Basically, it looks like the amount of spaghetti I cook for one person. How do you measure dry spaghetti? Help.

It took Grandma Patricia three hours to cook the eight batches. Then she placed the tasty noodles in a ziplock bag with water and food coloring to dye it.

Brandon told BuzzFeed,

We probably would done it for him have if he asked, but I don't think that we would have done as good of a job. That takes a grandma.
Brandon Manning

knew it. Grandmas are magic.

Dresden spent two hours in his spaghetti bathtub, and cleanup only took his grandmother 10 minutes of scooping out the s'ghetti.

Brandon Manning

They had to toss the unsanitary food out, but they're going to match how much they used and donate it to a local food bank.

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