This Woman Giving A Pigeon CPR Is All Of Us Just Trying Our Best At Life

by Alexandra Strickler

Life is hard, guys.

As divided as many of us often are on certain issues, we can all definitely agree on that particular sentiment.

Even so, we all have our own unique ways of navigating the complexities of life.

But not many of us do so by attempting to resuscitate a fallen pigeon.

Twitter user @Charlismyname recently shared a video of a woman holding what appears to be a very, very dead pigeon up to her face and performing CPR.

There's literally no other context for this video, and we have no idea why this woman chose this bird, on this day, or why she felt it was her duty to try and save the creature's life.

But her dedication is, without a doubt, truly admirable. Just look at her cheeks huffing and puffing away.


And that finger-on-the-chest technique? Girl at least looks like she knows what she's doing.


Twitter had mixed feelings about the video, but pretty much everyone is left with many burning questions.


I don't think the little pidgey can either, friend.


An ironic song choice, but I feel that.


Some see this woman as one of very few people who still has a soft spot in her heart for saving animals...


...while others seem apathetic toward the bird's, or "its," life.


Perhaps someone should check on this woman, because that's actually a real concern??


Oh, honey.


I think we all know what happened to the pigeon...


...because it legitimately ended all of us forever.


And I can only imagine how much it ended the woman who was trying to save the bird's life.

In case you were wondering, according to Petcha, it apparently is possible to use CPR on a bird.

Petcha elaborated on the effectiveness of this technique, saying CPR is more likely to work "if the bird has suffered from acute trauma."

On the other, according to the site, CPR "is unlikely to have a positive outcome if the bird is very debilitated and has been ill for a long period of time and the body finally gives out."

Judging by the pigeon's dramatic head flop at the end, I think it's safe to say CPR wasn't going to bring the little guy back to life.

But, strange Glasgow woman, your efforts have not gone unappreciated. You keep doing you, because you rule.

But also, for your safety, please get tested for bird flu.

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