This Woman Named Her Baby After An Airline For The Best Reason Ever


I would LOVE for the concept of product-branded babies to become a thing.

A baby who was born during a three-hour Jetstar Asia flight was reportedly named Saw Jet Star in honor of the staff who helped deliver him mid-flight.

The delivery took place on April 22 while the plane was traveling between Singapore and Yangon, Myanmar. According to a Facebook post, the baby and mother are both doing well and will even be receiving the equivalent of about $700 worth of baby supplies as a gift from Jetstar Asia.

Jetstar Asia also said this is the first time a baby was born during one of its flights.

I swear to God, if this ever happens on a flight I'm on, I'm bailing on the flight and parachuting myself away from this mess.


Jetstar Asia has been posting updates to its Facebook page like the proud brand-grandparent it is.


I'm calling major bullsh*t on this whole story, though. I have a real story for you.

When I was born, there was a fight among my grandparents about what to name me. One side thought I should be named after some great-grandfather of mine named “Pinchas,” and the other side thought I should be named after some great-uncle named “Blinchu.”

Yes, those are real names, and yes, if my grandmother on my mom's side was better at debating you would be reading an article right now written by Blinchu Levine.

Thank God my parents recognized how batsh*t nuts those names are, and in a moment of major contention between the families, my mom literally took my birth certificate and named me “Eitan” after an ex-boyfriend she had (weird, I know).

All of that is why I feel like this baby was less named out of gratitude toward the airplane he was born on and more named because of a fight that ended with the kid's mom yelling, “F*CK YOU, I'M NAMING THIS F*CKING BABY AFTER THE PLANE. EVERYONE CALL THIS KID 'SAW JET STAR' FROM NOW ON!”

That or they just really did want to name the baby Saw Jet Star. Either one.

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