Woman Puts 'Full Glam' Makeup On Only Half Her Face To Prove Powerful Point


Recently, there's been a fine line between flaunting natural beauty and straight up "makeup shaming" that a lot of people have been crossing.

To fight this shame, the "power of makeup" trend began last year, in order to help people realize that you're allowed to have fun with makeup without being judged for using it. Getting glam is a blast, no matter what the occasion is.

This admirable trend began when YouTuber Nikki Tutorials starting making videos that showcased how much fun you can have when you slather on the lipstick and forget about what the haters think.

You go, girl.

This week, Kelsie Swygart joined the trend. She posting a photo of "full glam" makeup on only one side of her face in order to prove a powerful point.

Although the difference between one side of Kelsie's sun-kissed face and the other is pretty substantial, it's obvious that she's drop dead gorgeous either way.

In her description, she wrote,

Most days I don't wear any makeup at all unless I'm at work and even then it's just brows, liner, and mascara. For everyone saying 'too much' or 'too dramatic' etc. can suck eggs.


Even if I did this full glam look every day, it would be nobody's concern but my own.

Kelsie, we admire your badass attitude toward the shamers. Beauty is beauty, whether with makeup or not.

Also, girl, your winged eyeliner is ON POINT.