Woman Finds Lost Diamond Ring On A Garden Carrot 13 Years Later, So That's Lucky

by Brenda Santana

Doesn't it suck when you lose something as precious as a meaningful piece of jewelry? In what seems like a real life version of the nursery rhyme Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, a woman named Mary found her lost diamond ring on a garden carrot. The 84-year-old from Alberta, Canada misplaced her diamond ring while gardening in 2004, and her daughter-in-law found it while pulling carrots from the garden in 2017. Not kidding.

Mary has had the ring since 1951 and tells CBC News Canada that as soon as she lost the ring, she replaced it because "[she] thought for sure [her husband would] give [her] heck or something." Aside from the miraculous homecoming the ring had, the best part of this story is the ring still fits Mary perfectly.

Her daughter-in-law said that as soon as she saw the ring, she knew it belonged to Mary because no other women had lived on the farm. But let's not forget the fact that it was found in perfect condition on a carrot that grew inside of it.

Naturally, this story has taken the Twitterverse by storm with some people in shock that the ring was found at all, and others taking the opportunity to make jokes.

"Some might say this is a one carrot ring..."

Very clever.

"I guess that answers the 'how many Carats was the diamond?'"

"'Long lost diamond ring turns up on a garden carrot' Wow."

"What carat was that...carrot...ring? Geddit?!"

Now that they've gotten to the root of the problem and have found the ring, Mary wears it proudly as a memory of her late husband who died five years ago. Stories like Mary's are ones of hope and prove that even when you think you've lost something for good, you should look a little deeper.

Who knows, what you're looking for might be hiding right on a carrot in your garden. Gotta love the internet.